My Story


How I Got to This Moment

Growing up there was always one constant in my life, my positive perspective on the world. I knew I just wanted to make a difference, it didn’t matter at what, I just wanted to matter.

After high school I wandered lost, not sure how to apply my talents, so I joined the Navy to see the world, and see it I did! I enjoyed fourteen years living in far away lands like Iceland and Turkey and being part of the east coast Navy on a submarine tender.

By this time, I was a divorced single parent raising a young daughter by myself.  I knew I had to move forward, and so I turned to education starting with government and political science, then moving into engineering and knowledge management. After ten years of going to school at night, while working a full-time day job, I stopped to notice: I had arrived. My life was filled with a wonderful new husband, a healthy well-rounded daughter and I was a highly respected applied scientist, running large scale enterprise-wide culture change initiatives, I WAS making a difference!

This is where my story takes it’s turn. You know how life gets in the way, not just once, or twice, but three times? At the peak of my success, I was asked to pay attention to me and my purpose in the most unconventional ways; a stroke, a layoff notice and my husband becoming deathly ill. 

This was the crossroad, the time to make a choice, career or family.  After much soul searching, love triumphed, and off I went into the great unknown of being a health care provider.  

The awesome news is my husband survived, and I am back making a difference, this time on my own terms. Doing work that really matters, for both organizations looking to change, and individuals looking to experience personal transformation. 

Along the way, I also create a children’s character, Sophie G Wanderlin, who is on a quest to make the world a kinder place. Sophie’s colors of kindness encourage positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) set forth by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) influencing future generations to be loving, kind and respectful to themselves and to others.

– I AM making a difference, influencing the future from children to CEOs, making change a positive experience for everyone.


PJ's Approach

Through deep listening and creative design options, I develop a journey forward for you where your success is my guiding light.  After leading thousands of people through change, I know people don’t fear change, they fear the unknowns of change.  That’s why my approach is transparent and personalized to your needs.  

Together we’ll create, and design options based on my thirty years of experience in areas of organizational change, customer focus, enterprise-wide collaboration, knowledge management, program management, institutional education, and workforce development as well as one-on-one personal transformation.


Why PJ?

Finding the right fit for your journey is the key to your success, you need a creative force.  I bring a positive energy like no other – I am truly one-of-a-kind!  My engagements empower and enlighten, creating a positive experience for my clients.  When you ask yourself, “Am I doing this right?” you’ll need a real change agent to help influence and guide your transformation based on proven experience.  

If this sounds like the right fit for you, then you’ve come to the right place– reach out and connect with me today!

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